EF4 Tornado Confirmed in Woodbury and Cherokee counties

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SURVEY 10042013 2SIOUX FALLS, SD – The National Weather Service in Sioux Falls has issued their preliminary findings on the tornado that traveled 25 miles and was 1.5 miles long.

The weather service has given the tornado the rating of EF-4, the second to the highest on the enhanced fajita scale, with winds of over 170 mph.

The tornado is said to have started two miles southwest of Climbing Hill, Iowa, flattening corn and snapping trees along the way. The tornado intensified on the way northeast, and struck multiple buildings and a residence. The tornado continued to increase in size and strength as it continued on it’s trek northeast.

The tornado peaked out 2.5 miles south of Pierson, Iowa, where two farmsteads were struck by the mile wide tornado. Out buildings and barns were destoryed with farm equipment being tossed over 400 yards, where it was then determined to upgrade the tornado to the EF-4 rating. The tornado stayed southeast of the town of Pierson, Iowa and to the west of Washta, Iowa. Before the tornado lifted, it produced more tree damage and downed power poles/lines two miles west of Washta.

This information is courtesy of the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls and is unofficial and preliminary until final review and publication in storm data.

Information, storm data, and photos courtesy of: US Dept of Commerce/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/National Weather Service — Sioux Falls, SD

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