Record Shattering Warm Day Leading to More Moderated Temperatures Tuesday

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After a crazy warm day across the state with temperatures ranging from the upper 60s in the far northern sections to a whopping 90 degrees in some areas in the west, temperatures are beginning to look to moderate back to “above average” from our current “really high above average” level. Des Moines tied the March 16, 2012 record of 84°, Sioux City blew through their March 16, 2012 record of 83° as they reached their 90° temperature today, Cedar Rapids tied their 82° record set on March 16, 2012, with many more likely coming in as they get finalized later tonight.

Temperatures for Tuesday are looking to be in the upper 40s northeast to barely 50 southwest. While a significant cool down from what we’ve seen, this is still above average as we said for this time of year. Nonetheless, it’s better than having snow or below freezing temperatures. This should also keep the recent fire weather issues down from the high to extreme categories we saw today.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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