Roller Coaster of Temperature Swings

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The title and featured image sums the weather situation across the region nicely over the next week as a Roller Coaster of Temperature Swings. Mother nature will be granting us as a break from the recent bitterly cold today with high temperatures in the teens to 20s (better than the single digit highs we’ve been seeing as of late!) before saying “eh, never mind” by Tuesday as we head back into the upper single digits to high teens. Wind chills on Tuesday morning will likely be sitting in Wind Chill Advisory range (-20°) and headlines for this will probably come out today or tomorrow. But, have no fear, we’re heading back up with highs in the upper teens to mid 30s by Wednesday and upper 20s to upper 30s Thursday. And then…. guess what? Down the roller coaster we go. Things will slide cooler and cooler with low 20s to mid 30s Friday, teens and 20s Saturday, and upper single digits to mid 20s Sunday.

As far as precipitation goes, not a lot of concerning issues in that department. There will likely be intermittent flurries throughout the extended period. The better chance for snow will come Monday night and into Tuesday morning when a shortwave approaches the area and accompanies the colder air aforementioned for Tuesday. There isn’t a lot of moisture with this, but there will likely be some snow (under an inch). The concern here is that the wind will be picking up early Tuesday morning in the 20-25 MPH sustained range (with gusts to 35 MPH) north and in the 15-20 MPH sustained range (wind gusts to 30 MPH) south. This will likely produce blowing snow with anything that falls, including anything that is on the ground. Even though the current ground snow has been hardened with the bitterly cold temperatures, this will likely be broken via the wind with Monday’s warm/er/ temperatures contributing.

Enjoy your Monday!

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