Fall color report #4 Peak color being reached

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Fall color report #3

Fall color report #4

Fall colors are continuing to quickly spread southward with the warm weather that we’ve been having. North Iowa, most of Minnesota and Wisconsin are now past peak or even leafless. Peak color conditions can be found in south Iowa and across parts of Illinois, and Nebraska. Missouri and Kansas along with southern Illinois is next to reach peak.

Nine Eagles State Park 10/27/16 Pleasanton, IA

Nine Eagles State Park 10/27/16 Pleasanton, IA

Fall color is basically at it’s peak here in south central Iowa or will be at peak shortly. Unfortunately this year is not proving to be a stellar year as a wet summer and now dry fall is causing most trees to turn brown or just russet colors. Maples and a few Oaks are the only trees with any significant colors at this time. I am considering it peak even though not all trees have turned, only about 70% of trees are turned but I feel things are as good as there going to get. I’ve seen all tree species showing at least some color including Oaks, Maples, and Redbuds. Hickories have went right to brown this year. Hedge Apples which are not a stellar tree are some of the better yellows I’ve seen. Late turning trees like Silver Maple, Pin Oaks, Norway Maple and Ornamental Pear are still green. I went to Nine Eagles State Park today to view fall color and I noticed color is brighter in town and urban areas and the farther south you get the more brown and leafless it is. There are a lot more leaves left around Des Moines than near Lamoni which I was not expecting. I anticipate peak color will last now through the 1st week of November. Get out there and view those fall colors this weekend because they are as good as they will get!

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