Plenty of Rain over Eastern Iowa this Week

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The above featured image shows the latest quantitative precipitation forecast from the Weather Prediction Center, otherwise known as meteorological talk as “how much rain are we going to get?” The estimates currently show as much as 2.5″ of rain for Scott, Clinton, and Jackson counties. This will likely lead to some areal flooding or flash flooding with storms over the next few days. Flood warnings are basically in effect for the entirety of the Mississippi River from Harpers Ferry through Burlington. Flooding also continues along the West Fork Des Moines, Little Sioux, and Big Sioux Rivers in northwest Iowa. Those living in low-lying areas will be particularly threatened by these rains.

Flash flood guidance from the River Forecast Center’s are showing that for most counties, it will only take approximately an inch or two of rain in an hour to produce flash flooding. The lowest numbers are currently in northwest Iowa. As some of these areas continue to see heavy thunderstorms, flash flooding will be possible.

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